Brand Focus: FINE CHAOS -

Emerging Danish brand FINE CHAOS exemplifies that beauty isn't an elusive ideal but rather something that can be found beneath the surface if we choose to seek it. This philosophy is embodied in all of FINE CHAOS’ meticulously crafted yet deconstructed designs. True to its name, designer Marc C. Møllerskov creates extraordinary pieces from deadstock fabric and upcycled textiles, resulting in a striking contrast that mirrors the fleeting, ever-changing nature of life.

Nestled in the heart of Copenhagen, Denmark, lies a dynamic and thriving underground arts community, renowned for its serious approach to nightlife and raves. FINE CHAOS, with its latest collection "Contradicting Realities: Conclusion" pays tribute to the community's relentless pursuit of artistic innovation. This spirit of boundless creativity is reflected throughout the collection, with each piece transcending norms and challenging preconceived notions.

FINE CHAOS was founded by Marc C. Møllerskov, who decided to launch his brand towards the end of design school. Drawing on the skills and insights gained during his studies and an internship at Han Kjøbenhavn, Møllerskov brought FINE CHAOS to life with the help of his friends.

Marc C. Møllerskov's fascination with fashion began during his childhood, inspired by his mother's work in the industry. Accompanying her to work allowed him to see the detailed process of creating garments, and his family’s belief in clothing as a form of personal expression further fueled his interest. Growing up in a small town where unique dressing was rare, he relished the thought-provoking conversations sparked by his distinctive style.

However, Møllerskov’s true dedication to fashion solidified after watching the documentary "Dior and I," which featured Raf Simons. The film unveiled the vast creative potential within fashion, captivating him with its narrative. He was particularly inspired by Simons’ ability to maintain his design identity while exploring different aesthetics and themes. This documentary highlighted how storytelling could be intricately woven into garments, cementing Møllerskov’s passion for the fashion medium.

At the time, he was also engaged in painting and created a piece titled "It's a FINE CHAOS!" The artwork depicted a face with an ambiguous expression, embodying multiple emotions simultaneously. When he shared the painting and the idea behind the term "FINE CHAOS" with his friend Anton, who was living on his sofa in Copenhagen, Anton offered a different interpretation of the phrase.

This moment marked the inception of the brand name FINE CHAOS, resonating with Møllerskov and cementing the identity of his burgeoning fashion label.


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