Henrik Vibskov Fall 24 - ect.studio

The energy at Henrik Vibskov’s show was like a concert, fitting for the OG of the Copenhagen scene. Known for his creative ventures beyond fashion, Vibskov was awarded the Kronprinsparrets Priser culture award for his multidisciplinary approach. 

His fall show, titled "The Daily Chewing Gum Therapy Session," featured dancers in inflatable costumes and a set of doors with pink fabric drapes. Inspired by a company meeting about dream work scenarios and daily therapy sessions, Vibskov reflected on the fragility of life and the role of therapy, even in the form of chewing nicotine gum.

For fall, Vibskov stuck to familiar silhouettes but introduced new fabrics like a chess game jacquard and heavy houndstooth grid. His notable coats and jackets were complemented by flannel-like plaids and tame knits. Womenswear saw some experimentation with square-ish jackets inspired by paper folding, and sheer prints over solids, especially on the final shimmering dress.

While Vibskov’s shows always transcend fashion, offering ideas, empathy, and fantasy, he mused on fashion as therapy, especially post-pandemic. The takeaway is clear: go your own way, take care of yourself, and dress to feel your best.

Henrik Vibskov's Pre-fall 24 collection is now available here