Niemann's land -

Meet Anna Niemann, a 28-year-old originally from Vienna, moved to Berlin in 2017 to complete her photography studies. Since then, she has been based in Berlin, with occasional stays in New York.

Coming from a family with a background in ceramics, Anna has always placed great emphasis on craftsmanship, materials, and tactile experiences in her work. Her artistic journey has involved exploring a variety of mediums, including painting, ceramics, textiles, photography, and graphic design. However, she believes that the core concept and message of her work are more important than the specific medium used, leading her to select the medium that best communicates her ideas.

Recently, Anna launched Off.objects, a platform where she showcases her creations centered around objects. This platform will feature a combination of ceramics and metal pieces, with the potential for incorporating other materials in the future.



​​J: What's the first thought that came to your mind today?
AN: Tea or coffee… and I ended up drinking coffee 

J: What do you want to achieve in the next few years?
AN: I want to concentrate more on personal projects, refine my artistic voice and participate in more exhibitions.


J: Who or what are you inspired by?
AN: I draw inspiration from the everyday happenings in both urban and natural settings, mindful meditation, and interactions with people. Also, I'm fascinated by trends. These instances where something unique or previously unnoticed suddenly becomes popular due to its distinctiveness, usually enjoying a brief period of popularity before fading away. Recently, I have been completely obsessed with Dieter Rams and all his designs for Braun.


J: If you were not an artist, what would you have done?
AN: I cannot envision myself doing non-artistic or non-creative work. Regardless of what I do, I always find myself contemplating new ideas, experimenting with different mediums, and immersing myself in various topics. This is just how my brain operates, and I believe I could never silence it. As a child, I dreamt of being a farmer. I imagined myself driving a black truck with a yellow lightning bolt on the side. It was the idea of me in the truck that sparked my desire to be a farmer. Growing up partly in rural Austria influenced this aspiration. Even back then, I felt a strong bond with nature, alongside a fascination for cultural shifts, fashion trends, and city life.



J: What is art and fashion to you?
AN: A way of expression. It is a direct reflection of cultural movements and society. You can subtly express yourself through art and fashion, and it leaves room for other people to interpret. So it also has some kind of mysteriousness to it - which I love and am fascinated by.


J: Do you believe in ghosts?

J: Lastly, Madonna or Beyonce?
AN: It’s a tricky one .. but I would say MADONNA 


You can find more about Anna Niemann and her work here



Conceptual tableware, designed as part of STUDIO HAUTE Edition 001, a project that aims to fuse fine dining, craftsmanship, and art direction to create a symbiotic relationship between food and ceramics. Instead of using multiple plates for each dish, a six-sided cube was created. The cube’s six sides were individually designed to perfectly match the corresponding dish on the six-course menu.

During “Faire Woche” in Berlin a scale was Installed in a Glassbox at Kudamm.
The scale represents the injustice in the Fashion industry. On both sides of the scale, globe-like spheres are installed, covered in Fabric. One alot heavier than the other, the spheres represent Fast Fashion´s and Fair Fashion´s impact on our
planet and put them in direct comparison.

A collection of Vessels exhibited at the Groupshow “Celebrating Berlin Craftsmanship” at Voospace Berlin.


A constant Exploration of new Materials to work with. Currently searching for different surfaces to develop pictures on.