Stark Alexander : Formal simplicity meets intuitive complexity -

Born in 1986, Stark Alexander has been a multidisciplinary artist in Bregenz, Austria, since 2019. His work, marked by formal simplicity from intuitive and conceptual origins, uses media chosen by process. Alexander's art fosters a symbiotic relationship between viewer and artwork, encouraging non-conceptual perception. His generative public installations transform passersby's movements into abstract forms, inviting reflection on perception and reality.


J: Tell me more about yourself
SA: I grew up in a small town called Mäder, where I spent my youth mostly outside skateboarding or doing graffiti. Besides my education, it was important for me to gain as much experience as possible. Thus, my path so far has had several detours and U-turns, leading me into various fields such as furniture and lighting design, advertising, film and photography, and technical development. After I had "played the game," it quickly became clear to me that I wanted to break away from the system and choose free design

J: What's the first thought that came to your mind today?  
SA: Wow, still alive


J: How does a concept develop in your line of work?
SA: I believe everything starts with the question: "What in my surroundings fascinates me?" Observing my "self" and experimenting with different techniques and materials is an essential part of my work. This way, things grow naturally and can unfold their potential freely.


J: Which color is your favorite and why?
SA: I am rather reserved with colors myself, but my works often demand more from me. Therefore, I would say purple is the color with the highest energy for me. It has been regarded as a kind of divine-royal color for thousands of years.



J: Who or what are you inspired by?
SA: Since my childhood, I have been fascinated by mysticism and the nature of things. Everything has a core, its own nature, which for me represents the fundamental, so to speak, the essence of things. Observing is a kind of meditation for me, in which I recognize form. Thus, I find the parallels between mysticism, philosophy, science, and the question of what we are to be the decisive factors for my works.


J: What do you want to achieve in the next few years?
SA: Hmmm, I am more of a step-by-step type. New opportunities always arise, and I am always surprised where they lead me.



J: What is art (or fashion) to you?
SA: An individual expression of one's own experiences. For me, it is an incredible force and a wonderful way to generate a certain awareness of the things around us in people.


J: Your favorite clothing item in your wardrobe is ______?
SA: My worn-out leather shoes, hahaha


J: Any regrets in life?
SA: I like to learn from my experiences, so for me, there are no "mistakes," only opportunities to accept what was and maybe do it consciously differently next time. All decisions make us who we are, and no one should have to pity themselves!


J: If you were not an artist, what would you have done?
SA: The funny thing is that I don't really see myself as an "artist" but rather as an observer. I have done a lot in my life and always tried to bring in my own essence as best as possible.


J: What makes you feel most alive?
SA: Being here and doing this interview with you!

J: Trends or Classics?
SA: Definitely classics. They have recognized the essence, and that makes them, at least I believe, what they are: CLASSICS.

J: Do you believe in ghosts?
SA: Basically, everything is energy, so we are just one aspect of what is going on here.

J: If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do now?
SA: Gather all my loved ones and toast to the crazy ride through life, cheers!


You can read more about Alexander Stark and his works here .


(1) Photography by Miro Kuzmanovic

(2,3) ATOMOS / Sprayed acrylics on natural linen, 150x150cm / 2023

(4) Fractal Limbus / 2023

(5,6) Opening of UNENEDLICH at Kollektivraum

(7) "WEISS" / installation for Restaurant WEISS / spray paint / acrylic on wood /170 × 170 cm each / 2021

(8) ILUMINATE / KULTURHOF 2023 / cultural festival, LUSTENAU / AUT 2023

(9) Fractal Limbus / 2023