Marco Ribeiro coming full circle -

The sun just shows as a white circle surrounded by a yellow halo on the photo that Marco Ribeiro just took. In Buttes Chaumont Park in Paris at sunset, the young Brazilian designer pauses from his jog and snaps the pic. It’s beautiful.

These moments of consciousness, they are the moments that change us, writes Marco in our remote interview later that day. And change of consciousness takes an important role in his work. But not as a random discovery – as a purposeful act of creation. I want people who wear my clothes to disrupt the environment around them and expose the constructs and limitations we live in, to have a moment of awareness and enjoyment of the present where they can be playful as an act of self-expression and empowerment.

Striking sculptural shapes, unique silhouettes, vibrant colours and fluid designs are made to show a vision of a joyful and positive world where everyone is free to express themselves, experience joy and ultimately learn that they are enough and ready to be themselves in public.

This also impressed Pleasing, the Harry Styles formed lifestyle and beauty brand. Marco’s Spring/Summer 2023 take-over brought bold, but ready-to-wear fashion and beauty products to light and Harry fans were able to experience Marco’s creations live in concert. An important moment: It was a collaboration that was very special. I'm proud of the result.

What else is special to you, Marco? I love moments when I can break out of the routine of everyday life. I think that nowadays it is very necessary, even essential, to take a moment to take care of our health and mental well-being. I love the beach and nature. It's like a way to stay in touch with myself. It reminds me to stay humble and be aware of the importance of it all. But when I am close to my family and friends, I feel love, unity and security. It doesn't matter if that's in Paris or Brazil; anywhere I have friends and family I love.

Just one last thing. Marco hits send on his phone. This is the last photo I took. I receive the email – that's when I see the glowing circle of Buttes Chaumont Park. It instantly reminds me of Marco’s 2021 brand book. In it Marco writes: Life is a circle. And it has had mystical attraction for millennia, symbolising so much. Totality, the self, the ongoing energy in nature. Marco's unifying sensibility, his approach to self care and togetherness, his bold positivity – at this moment, it all seems to shine out of this snapshot.

Marco Ribeiro was born in Brazil before moving to Argentina when he was 14. In 2014 Marco moved to Paris and founded his brand MARCO – with a Bauhaus-inspired approach, Brazilian vibrancy and a clear commitment to a slow fashion ethos.

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Photo credits: MARCO