Rains juxtaposes art and design with new Paris store - ect.studio

Outerwear lifestyle brand, Rains launches new store in Paris featuring large-scale art installation by Danish artist, Jacob Egeberg.

Art meets design

Rains has long explored the interplay between art and design: their reciprocal inspirations and ability of each to enhance the experience of the other. That juxtaposition has produced several artist collaborations, birthing limited-edition capsules and one-off art commissions. The exploration continues with Jacob Egeberg, the Danish artist behind Rains' recent Paris Fashion Week set design.


A space within a space

Egeberg created a large-scale sculpture for the new store, featuring a rock-like form with an aluminum skin. The piece gives the store an aesthetic and tactile inner shell - an evocative space within a space. The artwork is a one-off with entirely new concepts being developed for future stores.

"The sculpture has a form language that is natural and yet unfamiliar. Alien to the space yet inextricably tied to how it is experienced. Almost like a gateway to another dimension," says Jacob Egeberg.