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The last answer Minu Caspar gave me was: Athena. But let's start at the beginning.

I'm sitting with fried chicken at Berlin's Alexander Platz, phone clamped between shoulder and ear. The 24-year-old musician 1500 km away in a car somewhere on the Cote d'Azur, smelling the sea. He is not exactly sure where they are – feels like they will arrive soon. We listen to a few of his songs remotely and talk about them. What is the core of your music and what supports it? The core of it all is my feelings, whether I'm producing or recording. Sometimes I have an idea along the way that comes from a feeling. Sometimes, when I don't have any equipment with me, it takes me a while to put it into music. Then I just wait until I feel that way again. Support is strength for me. There is nothing better than a tailwind. We are listening to the song 100 Horses - Minu skips to this part:

We talk about how everything we experience changes us somehow. How does your listeners' world change when they hear your music? 
I hope it becomes a bit more open and loosens up the whole thing a bit. Everyone should be able to feel the way they feel right now. Marvin Gaye is a very big inspiration for me. He packed such emotional or serious themes into beautiful melodies. His music can go with you anywhere. It accompanies you through such a wide range of feelings. I hope I've managed to do that a bit too. He chuckles. Of course, comparing myself to Marvin Gaye makes me smile. 



Their car reaches its destination. He can no longer just smell the sea, it's right in front of him now. Ok, a quick round. What comes to your mind with these words: First step. Always just take first step without fear. If someone does it better than you afterwards, enjoy it. Together. How about this part from my song Die Welt der Liebe. He skips to this part:


Outside – Inside. The outside is deceptive to protect the inside. Never. Quite a stupid word. For which film would you do the soundtrack? Athena. Thank you, Minu Caspar.

Minu Casper is a 24 year old musician, born in a small village in South Germany. He makes music since 6 years. Current album: Die Sprache der Liebe. His art is often categorised as hip hop / rap. Listen here.

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photo credits by Minu Casper / e.c.t – studio.